Taller de baile flamenco para grupo de estudiantes extranjeros Actividades videos

“A seductive and participative form to learn flamenco dancing” ...
Introductory workshop taught by a flamenco dancer professional, you are working in coordination of body parts and basic concepts of flamenco dance. Flamenco technique involves the placement exercises the body, feet (footwork exercises), “braceo” (movement of arms) and clapping exercises.

Workshop description:
• 5 minutes explaining the origins of flamenco and its settlement in Catalonia. The different “palos” of flamenco.
• 55 minutes with two dance teachers, men and women.
• Positioning of the body
• Compass and palms
• Movement of arms, footwork and arm and leg coordination.
• Creation of the choreography. The group splits in two, “West Side Story” styleflamenco.

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