Flamenco guitarist Puchero presents “Sensaciones” Shows

His name is Jesus de Joaquin, is known for “Puchero” and natural L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. He presents his new album “Sensaciones”.

“Sensaciones” is the trip of a guitar that goes beyond all parts. Anger, sadness, joy, passion: all are one feeling. That Puchero defines his work.

In “Sensaciones” Puchero shows a Flamenco tempered by other genres and rhythms, a flamenco that focuses on the openness.
A constant flow openness to other cultures, following this form the foundational steps of flamenco.

With an extraordinary mix of tradition and virtuosity, is Puchero a flamenco guitarist with a strong focus on innovation, often provocative.
Innovation born from the very roots of flamenco and provocative in expanding horizons for this art. Weave, leads and grows the melody creating other musical climates and environments open avenues

In his compositions, Puchero, extends the flamenco style from inside and the approach to other traditions, such as folklore international, jazz or classical music called, always directing
everything from his personal prism.

Puchero, one of the great revelations of the flamenco guitar has shared the stage with figures like Ginesa Ortega, Carrete del Málaga, Miguel de la Tolea, La Chicuelal, Salao, Karime Amaya, Pedro Córdoba Sara Barrero, David Romero and Duquende.

This time Puchero shares scene with musicians distinguished career.
Sing: Jorge Mesa “Pirate” and Raul Levia
Violin: Gloria Wasmer
Bass: Paco Perera
Percussion: Antonio Villaverde
Dance: Isaac Barber

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Barcelona Flamenco
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