Mónica Naranjo “Chicuela” Shows

From a very young stands in different halls Tarantos Barcelona, El Cordoba, Carmen working with Mayte Martín, Belén Maya, Juan Ramón Caro and Manuel Castilla between difficult slopes, becoming known to a very personal voice. Renovators singer with elements that breaks stereotypes and creates new aesthetic is characterized by his voice torn. Professionally as a singer unveils Somorrostro of Flamenco Dance Company, with which he toured nationally and internationally. Collaborates with the likes of Miguel Poveda and Juan Gómez Chicuelo, has worked in various festivals like the International Festival of Popular and Traditional Music (FIMPT), Festival de Musique d’Arrel of Món, Old Market Theater (Brighton), Association Belgais (Lisbon), and so on. He also toured Japan with Rafael Martos. In 1997 he toured with the National Orchestra of Spain representing El Amor Brujo. In 2004 selected as the first great singer of flamenco music, Taranto, the musical (based on the history of Los Tarantos Alfredo Mañas and performed at the Theatre Musical de Barcelona), directed by Emilio Hernández, with original music Tomatito and Juan Gómez Chicuelo, said that criticism of his performance. In 2006 participates as a leading voice in the work of Lorca’s Day, a review of popular songs of the theater group La Barraca de Federico García Lorca.

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